Manage your directory business information by collecting, organizing & sharing notes or documents

Organize - Notes, data & files synced real time across all your devices

Record - Create screenshots, audio, and video for your clients & teams

Capture - Clip all kinds of content from web pages - select, save, share

Embed - Embed documents to your directory and bring flexibility to them

Unlimited Categorization

In addition to searchable tags, DirectoryNotes allows you to organize your notes into UNLIMITED folders and subfolders.

The search function not only pulls up titles and text keywords but also text in screenshots, scans and added documents.

Never Lose Your Notes

Real time synchronization across all your devices, even offline. Web App, Desktop App (Mac and PC), Mobile App, (iOS and Android)

Always Available Data


Include any tool that supports embeds or provides JS scripts to your pages

Image Gallery


Templates for Any Directory Need

Video Demo